Substance Abuse
Prevention Education


To prevent the suffering of addiction by informing, empowering and enlightening young people, their families, teachers and administrators.
 Many of the people who became addicted in the past made decisions based on misinformation  and ignorance. We provide students and the community at large with the most up-to-date
 science-based information to encourage healthy, sensible choices.

We don't tell young people what to do, because declarative statements, orders and pressure can trigger rebellion and motivate substance use to prove autonomy.

Because we are adults who do not moralize or judge, are willing to listen, and to really hear young peoples' concerns, they are more willing to open up and listen to what we have to share with them.

We don't use scare tactics because the truth is scary enough

                We are health educators with personal experience with                                  substance abuse, recovery, prevention and intervention                             
                      PLUS                   Interventions and intervention coaching
                      PLUS                   Sober escort to and from treatment
                      PLUS                   Sober companions for those in early recovery

We are a 501c3 educational non-profit organization

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