Substance Abuse
Prevention Education

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"
Chris Kelly
Founder and Educator
Chris has conducted prevention education classes, workshops and assemblies since 1995. He has worked at hundreds of schools in 9 countries,and has personally educated over 100,000 students.He experimented with drugs as a teen out of a deadly combination of ignorance and curiosity. He quickly became addicted. Despite loving parents and their attempts at intervention, Chris stayed addicted for 15 years and nearly died several times. Entering recovery in 1990 he found his passion in prevention education and has never lost the joy of helping young people, their families and communities.

Duncan Badine
Educator & California Representative

Duncan's addiction began at age 14 when he started drinking and smoking marijuana after school. His addiction lasted for 10 years including many other drugs until he finally surrendered and joined the 12-Step recovery movement nearly 30 years ago. Trained as a Prevention Specialist by the University of Arizona, Duncan has worked as an educator, public speaker, counselor and coach with thousands of students, family members, educators, and clients in schools and other community organizations plus provided many thousands of volunteer hours supporting 12-Step communities in 11 countries for over 25 years.

             We don't tell your kids WHAT to think. We ask them to PLEASE THINK                                         before they make their decisions about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Georgia Fletcher

Educator and New England Representative

Georgia Fletcher has been involved with the consequences of using addictive substances since she was a child.  One of those consequences was to become an addict herself.  She began her recovery in 1986 and has worked in Addiction Prevention, Education and Recovery for many of the years since.  She has experience in teaching a prevention curriculum in schools at all grade levels and another based in Behavioral Therapy and Mindfullness in a long-term addictions treatment program for women and their children, which included prevention education for the children.  She has raised a son, who is now a young adult and was substance-free throughout his adolescent years.  She practices and offers skills in managing stress with Mindfulness.  Having worked with Chris in the past, she is excited to join him at Prevention Plus.

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