Substance Abuse
Prevention Education

Chris Kelly was very effective presenting prevention material in a variety of venues. Over a week Chris presented to grades five through seniors in high school. I was impressed with Chris's ability to blend heart felt life experiences with his great knowledge of drug prevention. I highly recommend Chris for any school.

Steve Furchner M.A.

I learned more in 4 days with Chris than in a semester long health class. I liked how he didn't tell us what to do. He told us the truth and encouraged us to "look before we leap" into drug use. 10th grade male  

My classes with Chris Kelly have been very useful. He teaches valuable information about topics like how to deal with interventions and friends who are under the influence. The classes were really helpful and I appreciate that we had class time to learn about it.  11th grade female 

I learned a lot about drugs and prevention though these 2 classes. I'm really glad we had Prevention PLUS come to our school, they taught me about some issues that I was uncertain about. I am more prepared for situations that I'm going to encounter in high school and college.  11th grade female  

After the four days of classes I realized that drug and alcohol use is a lot like Pandora's Box. Anyone can easily open the box but not everyone can close the lid on it. 7th grade female.

You always give a good class and I always learn a lot. It's interesting to hear new information from you and from my classmates stories. You have managed to reaffirm my opinions against drugs and alcohol for the 3rd year !! Thanks  11th grade female  

I liked the Prevention Plus classes. Mr. Kelly is always informative and I felt safe to ask questions. He gave me advice that I think will really help. He is open and honest which I really appreciate.  11th grade female  

This class has been beneficial for everyone. You are really good at presenting information. You really know what you are talking about and have helped me understand the bad things that can happen from substances. I do not want to try drugs.  11th grade female

These classes were very useful to me. I was taught how to help a friend who is going through troubles and I know now not to punish him or try to fix his problem.  I also became aware of many drug myths 11th grade female 

I got into trouble with drugs during 9th and 10th grade. I'm struggling to recover now. I wish I had Prevention Plus when I was in middle school, maybe even elementary. Some kids I know started blazing in 6th grade.    12th grade male

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