Substance Abuse
Prevention Education

Administrators and school counselors often ask if prevention education works.
Of course it does! And of course it doesn't! 

Will prevention education reduce the numbers of students using substances, reduce the amount of substances they use, help addicted kids to seek assistance?   Of course it will! 

Will prevention education stop all students in your school from using tobacco, alcohol and other drugs?   Of course not! 

In recent history prevention education has made remarkable progress in regards to tobacco use, progress has also been made with the issue of drinking and driving. One area where not much time and money has been spent is marijuana education. In many states, marijuana use among teens exceeds tobacco use.

Does educating young people about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs make them more curious?

No, young people are overloaded with PRO-tobacco, alcohol and drug information. The information that we share can actually reduce curiosity and help young people see the importance of remaining substance free.

The Prevention PLUS educators seem healthy and successful. Does that give the students the message that they can use drugs and not be harmed by it ?

No, the majority of people who get addicted to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs do not recover. Many of them continue to have negative health results, both mental and physical. The stories we share include many situations that could have resulted in severe injury or death.

Should our school conduct random or purposeful drug testing on our students?

This is a very complex issue that cannot be answered in a FAQ on a website. Schools do consult with me about the pros and cons of testing.

Does having Prevention PLUS in our school make it appear that our school has a drug problem?

No, there are no schools without drug problems. Having Prevention PLUS in your school shows that you are doing the best to reduce substance use and abuse among your students and to create a safer environment at your school.
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