Substance Abuse
Prevention Education
            Our services for schools, churches                      and other community based groups

For Teachers, Administrators, Pastors & Youth Ministers:

We help you:

- Inform the adults in your community to recognize when teens are in trouble with substances
- Assist the students who are using substances and develop policies for discipline and correction
- Implement "social norms" programs that can help decrease the number of students using substances
- Shine a light of positivism on students who are not smoking, drinking or using

Prevention education, not only has a proven track record,
but also is an investment for your school and for the future

For Parents & Families

We offer:

- Suggestions for talking with your children about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, including whether or not to disclose your own drug/alcohol experiences. We will also give you talking points to discuss the medical marijuana and legalization controversies with your children
- Suggestions for what to do if you find out that your children are using. We offer strategies that will help parents encourage their children to defer the use of substances

We won't tell you how to parent your child,
but we'll give you the practical information that you need to talk with them

For Students & Young People

They will:

- Understand how substances affect their brain and body, and the people they love
- Learn how to recognize and identify early signs of dependency and where to find help in their community
- Know that addiction is a serious mental health issue that can happen to anyone, and the quality of their choices can help prevent addiction from happening to them
- Have all of their questions answered

The only one who can keep you safe from addiction is YOU

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